Treetop Adventure Park in Lembang, Indonesia

Almost all tourists love outbound activities, no? Here is a good place to satisfy such hobby. The name is Treetop Adventure Park and it is located in Cikole Village, Lembang Sub-District. Actually, it is the part of Cikole Jayagiri Resort and has become a recommended site to show guts and conquer any available outbound facilities. For families, they can introduce such challenging activities and build a better relationship with them. No wonder, most visitors are the locals and people live near Lembang City. Even foreigners have acknowledged it, as well.

The Nuance
Being the part of Cikole Jayagiri Resort, visitors can get a room and spend several days in Treetop Adventure Park. Once they arrive at the outbound course, the first thing they notice would be pine trees! In midst of this site, numerous types of outbound facilities reside, especially flowing fox. It has the height of 20 meters and the length of 160 meters! In terms of design, the facility comes with several levels of difficulty, so it suits both for adults and kids. Have no worries. The life-line support and other safety features are quite reliable. Not to mention the staff works professionally there.

Exploring Treetop Adventure Park
Before exploring the park, visitors should learn the fame of the site first. It is said Treetop Adventure Park of Lembang is the part of a global network, originated in France. In fact, there have been more than 350 similar parks scattered worldwide! No wonder, both the quality and safety of this outbound arena are quite reassuring. This also explains why the entry ticket is considered pricey for the locals. Despite the fact, visitors get perfect facilities and services including safety gear, professional instructors, insurance, and much more!

Now, it is time to explore Treetop Adventure Park. As visitors may expect, many fun outbound facilities are available to enjoy (depending on the age of users and level difficulty). The yellow circuit, for example, is meant for kids and it has the lowest risk of injury. Next, a green circuit comes with 5 meters of height! Not to mention the guests should have the minimum height of 130 cm in order to use the facility properly.

The next option is a blue circuit, featuring flying fox course with the platform’s height of 8 meters. It offers medium difficulty, actually. For more challenges, tourists should try orange and red circuit, which offer a longer course. The best one is indeed the black circuit, which has the height of 20 meters! Plus, it comes with the length of flying fox course of 135 meters!

Nearby Attractions

  • Tangkuban Perahu Mountain
  • Treetop Adventure Park
  • Bintang Hill

How to Get There
The route is the same to Jayagiri Resort. That means travelers need to spend around 60 minutes from Bandung City to Lembang Sub-District. Later, they only need to go to Cikole Village and head to Treetop Adventure Park right away. As for the route, it is definitely Dago Giri Street.

Where to Stay

  • Cikole Jayagiri Resort
  • Sindang Reret Hotel
  • Narima Hotel
  • Puteri Gunung Hotel
  • Sapu Lidi Resort

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