The Nature Window (Jendela Alam) in West Bandung Regency, Indonesia

Tourists should not overlook the allures of West Bandung Regency, especially when it comes to a family recreation. For instance, there is the Nature Window (Jendela Alam), which is located in. Actually, this site is suitable for parents with kids as they can conduct educative and recreational vacation together. Also, parents can introduce their kids to nature and teach the importance of nature conservation. Aside from that, the guests can enjoy a peaceful vacation in nature. What a nice place for lessening!

The Nuance
As the name suggests, the guests should be able to get close to nature and learn how to appreciate it better once they get in the site. In terms of the nuance, the Nature Window combines fun and serenity of nature. No wonder, visitors can find numerous attractions there including husbandry, farms, playground, mini water boom, and much more. Several types of plants and flowers grow well on the site, as well. As for the facilities, there are toilets, musalla, and a hall. The thing is visitors should pay the ticket for each type of fun activity they are going to try there.

Exploring the Nature Window
The chilly atmosphere of the mountain makes this site suitable for relaxation. Is that all? Thanks to the landscape. Visitors can learn how to cultivate lands and enjoy farming. They can even learn the world of husbandry and teach their kids to appreciate the nature better. When it comes to the most popular thing to do in the Nature Window, it is none other than milking. That means the guests may visit the cattle farm and learn how to milk those cows directly. Have no worries. The staff would teach everyone to do it in a proper way.

The next fun activity to do in the Nature Window is to ride a pony. Despite the limited number of ponies, everyone would be able to get such experience for sure. In this case, make sure to come during working days when the site is quiet and many ponies are available to ride later. What is next? The guests can simply feed rabbits, ducks, and chicken there. Kids would really love this kind of activity, so make sure to teach them how to do it properly later.

The best thing about the Nature Window is that the staff would diligently teach the guests regarding cultivation, husbandry, and other activities related to nature. These days, visitors can even learn how to cultivate fruits and harvest them properly. A special program is also available, teaching the guests how to conduct hydroponic-based farming.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Bandung City Indonesia, travelers can directly head to Parongpong Sub-District through Sersan Bajuri Street. Later, they only need to head to Cihedeung

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