Little Japanese Kyoto in Lembang, West Bandung Regency - Indonesia

In Lembang Sub-District in Indonesia, many travelers may have heard about Floating Market. Not only it offers a unique market, the site also becomes the home of numerous vacation destinations including Little Japanese Kyoto or known as Kampung Jepang Kyoto. As the name suggests, it offers the nuance of Japanese settlement and gives the chance to visitors to learn the traditional culture of such country. Not to mention female tourists can rent Kimono (traditional clothes of Japan) and take pictures in this area. Overall, there is no need to go to Japan to experience such kind of stuff, no?

The Nuance
Once entering the site, tourists may see unique Japanese houses with a beautiful garden in front of them. Several types of bonsais are placed in the yard, including a stunning pond and other unique ornaments. The fact is that these houses function as inns for tourists to use. Most of the materials are woods and they have a splendid design! As mentioned before, visitors are able to rent Kimono from the staff. So, make sure to carry some cash when exploring this place. Do not forget to carry a camera, as well. No one would miss the chance to collect good pictures on the site, after all.

Exploring Little Japanese Kyoto
The most popular activity in Little Japanese Kyoto (among women) is renting Kimono and dress like a Japanese lady. The fee is affordable and it includes the dress, accessories, and Geta. The guests can rent these for about 2 hours, actually. While wearing Kimono, they can take pictures or selfies as well. This fun activity is definitely valuable for local women to try. It is because they do not need to visit Japan in order to get such experience.

The next recommended activity to do in Little Japanese Kyoto is relaxation. The guests can simply sit on the gazebos and drink traditional Japanese tea with their families. Have no worries. The waitresses would help them to prepare everything, including the tea. The fact is that tea drinking has become a signature culture in Japan (usually done when welcoming guests). Not to mention the taste of the tea is unique and differs from what people have in Indonesia.

Once drinking the tea and relaxing, tourists should explore the site thoroughly. Perhaps the most favorite spot is the bamboo forest. The nuance indeed is similar to that of the Japan! Make sure to take some pictures, though. Later, the guests should visit the famous gazebo located in the midst of the site. The size is big and people often use it for a photo studio, a pre-wedding venue, and other special occasions.

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How to Get There
Kampung Jepang Kyoto is part of Lembang Floating Market in Indonesia. From Bandung City, that means tourists can directly head to Lembang Sub-District through Setiabudhi Street. The distance is 18 km, so it is likely the trip takes around 50 minutes. During high traffic (especially holidays), though, the trip might be longer than usual.

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