Rumah Sosis (Sausage House) in Lembang Sub-District, Indonesia

Those who live in Lembang Sub-District and nearby cities should be aware of the charm of “Rumah Sosis” or the Sausage House. As the name suggests, this tourist attraction offers numerous fun objects related to such delicious food. Aside from doing fun activities, visitors can enjoy various menu made of sausage for sure. This site resides in Jayagiri Village and it belongs to West Bandung Regency, Indonesia. Another important fact is that the management applies a particular slogan to this place, which is “eat, swim, and play”. No wonder, it is perfect for family recreation both during holidays and weekends.

The Nuance
As mentioned earlier, many facilities are available on the site including a small pond for kids to swim. From the outside, this place looks small indeed. However, tourists would get impressed once they get to the location. The most noticeable feature perhaps is the swimming pool, but many other fun facilities are available including ATV, flying fox, horses, and tree houses. Here is the thing. Tourists should spend some money to enjoy them all during the visit. Have no worries. They can exchange the ticket they have bought earlier with a portion of sausage!

Exploring Sausage House
The most common reason to visit the Sausage House Indonesia is indeed to taste delicious sausages on the site. It is true the price is considered pricier than those of Supermarkets’. However, these are made originally by the management and offer unique taste. Not to mention these don’t come with any preservatives. What is more? The guests can choose from 70 different types of sausages menu including bockwurst, barbeque, black pepper, and much more! Have no worries. Other types of foods are available for the guests to order including French fries, Liwet rice, spaghetti, etc.

Visitors do not have to eat sausages when coming to “Rumah Sosis”, though. For instance, they can buy frozen sausages for their families or friends. Other types of frozen foods are also available there, especially meatballs! Do not forget to buy some ice creams too, coming with different sizes and types. Other recommended snacks and drinks to try are yogurts, beef floss, pastry, bottled beverages, etc. Once enjoying such culinary adventure, tourists can start exploring the site and enjoy various types of fun rides with their families!

For kids, they can ride ATV and play flying fox wholeheartedly. For adults, the most recommended activity would be fishing. The pond stores abundant carps and tilapias, after all. By paying the fee, tourists can fish for 2 hours and bring home any fish they have caught. What is next? Other fun facilities are available including mini golf court, car bombs, mini kora-kora, ATV, fun climbing, etc.

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How to Get There
From Bandung City of Indonesia, travelers only need to get to Lembang Sub-District using through Setiabudi Street. Later, they can simply head to Jayagiri Village and visit “Rumah Sosis” right away. The whole trip takes about 60 minutes as the distance is 17.4 km.

Where to Stay

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