Putri Mountain in Lembang Sub-District, West Bandung Regency - Indonesia

A natural attraction like Putri Mountain (Geger Bintang Matahari) perhaps is not quite familiar among foreigners. However, it is popular among the locals and people who live near Lembang Sub-District, Indonesia. The mountain resides in Jayagiri Village and has become a recommended site for sightseeing and spending a romantic evening with the special one. It is located in the highland indeed, but the access is considered easy. Aside from enjoying the scenery, people also come to this site to satisfy their off-road hobby! Later, at night, visitors can enjoy warm coffee at nearby eateries.

The Nuance
It takes some efforts to get to the Peak of Putri Mountain indeed. However, it won’t be disappointing as visitors would get the best views of nature above. These include the views of Burangrang and Tangkuban Perahu Mountain Indonesia on the west part. In the south, tourists can see a particular mountain clearly called Rakutak. In the east, the best views are Gede Pangrangro, Manglayang, Ciremai, Tilu, and Cikurai Mountain! Another common sight is a group of off-roaders who often gather at the peak of this site before exploring the mountain using their favorite vehicle.

Exploring Putri Mountain
The most popular activity in Putri Mountain is photography. It is because visitors can find numerous good spots to take pictures. For instance, they should come early in the morning and take pictures of the beautiful sunrise. Even the views of mountains are worth photo shoots as well, especially the mountains of North Bandung. Later, at night, they can take pictures of stunning stars in the sky and sparkling lights of Bandung City! Make sure to take some selfies, though.

Aside from photography, tourists also come to Putri Mountain for other activities. Some of them want to hear the story or history of this site, in fact. According to the locals, there was a beautiful daughter of a wise rich king and her name was Putri. Many princes proposed her, but there were all rejected. One of the princes decided to kill her with the help of a witch. Putri died in a mountain, but so did the prince and his followers. The rumor has it. Once Putri reappeared on the mountain, all villages would gain prosperity and fertility.

Once hearing the story of Putri Mountain from the tour guide, it is time to enjoy either warm coffee or tea at nearby facilities. Drinking such soothing beverage and watching the beautiful scenery of nature would be a perfect combination, for sure. For those who want to relax, there is a pine forest where they can hang their hammock and sleep in it. Enjoy!

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How to Get There
The prime checkpoint is Bandung City of Indonesia. From there, travelers can directly head to Lembang and visit Jayagiri Village afterward. The trip takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, as the distance is 21.7 km. Also, it can be done through Dago Giri Street. Here is the thing. The most tiring part is the journey to the top of the mountain, so everyone should come with good stamina.

Where to Stay

  • Grand Paradise Hotel
  • Puteri Gunung Hotel
  • Pesona Bambu Hotel
  • Buah Sinuan Hotel

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