Railway Miniature Park (Taman Miniatur Kereta Api) in Lembang City - Indonesia

Some travelers perhaps have heard about Floating Market of Lembang City in Indonesia. The site even offers various attractions to visitors including the railway miniature park or locals called Taman Miniatur Kereta Api. What is it, actually? As the name suggests, the park consists of an epic design of a piece of ground with the miniature of several types of trains. The site is perfect to enjoy a family vacation as the kids would love to watch such miniatures, which look real! Also, tourists can take advantage of the park to take good pictures in order to satisfy their photography hobby.

The Nuance
In terms of size, the miniatures have the scale of 1:24. Not only there are trains, visitors can witness railways and other objects including structures, trees, etc. As mentioned before, this park is part of Floating Market Lembang so visitors need to pay the entrance fee first before getting there. Other attractions are also available near to this Railway Miniature Park including paddle boats, flying fox, Rabbit Park, and much more. During holidays in Indonesia, the park becomes quite crowded as many local families with kids come to this site. Thus, make sure to come early to enjoy a more peaceful nuance when exploring the park.

Exploring Railway Miniature Park
The first thing to do in Railway Miniature Park is indeed to explore the site thoroughly. Many objects can be seen there and they look so real! These include tunnels, hills, railways, bridges, manufactures, guarding posts, trains, etc. Even the details are quite amazing! With all these interesting objects, the park becomes a great place to take wonderful pictures (especially among photographers). Kids often take selfies in front of such mini trains, as well, in fact.

Aside from photography, visitors can do other things as well. For instance, they can read information regarding the history of trains and Indonesia railway. Have no worries. Foreign tourists can get the information from the staff or tour guide. As for the kids, they must rely on their parents to acquire such interesting info. What about the considerations? All visitors should pay attention to the environment. Littering is definitely prohibited! Not to mention they are not allowed to touch the miniatures carelessly. The purpose is none other than to prevent unwanted damages.

Before going home, tourists should never miss the chance to buy some merchandise especially the miniatures of vehicles including cars, trains, and planes. Have no worries. The price is nice, so make sure to buy some for families and friends. As an alternative, you can visit nearby attractions (especially the floating market) to get more interesting experiences during holidays.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
If you come from Bandung City in Indonesia, the prime destination would be Lembang Sub-District. Next, you need to head to Floating Market located at Grand Hotel Street. The whole trip takes around 1 hour as the distance is 17 km, actually. As for the route, make sure to choose Djuanda and Dago Giri Street.

Where to Stay

  • Sandalwood Boutique Hotel
  • Grand Hani Hotel
  • Chyntia Garden Hotel
  • Grand Paradise Hotel
  • Venetys Villa

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