Eurad Pingping Peak in Lembang, West Bandung Regency - Indonesia

Eurad Pingping Peak is considered a new vacation destination in Lembang Indonesia. This explains why the number of visitors is not as many as other natural attractions located in this region. Despite the fact, it becomes a wonderful alternative when it comes to sightseeing and lessening. The location is in Wangunharja Village and it shares bot h West Bandung and Subang’s borders. Plus, the site is far from big cities so it is suitable to get away from daily routines and eradicate daily routines exhaustion. Today, it also becomes a good spot to conduct photography!

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Eurad Pingping Peak is both serene and romantic regardless of the time of visit. But, usually, tourists come to this area either in the morning or afternoon. The reason is none other than the chance to witness beautiful sunrise and sunset. No ticket fee is required, but visitors should spend money to pay the parking fee. Once entering the location, tourists can see the lush environment with great views of hills and mountains. Pine trees and tea plantations also become significant features of this tourist spot, actually. The best one, perhaps, is the artificial wooden boat, built in the sky! Tourists can climb and sit on it while watching the scenery!

Exploring Eurad Pingping Peak
As compared to the past, Eurad Pingping Peak has undergone a significant development especially in terms of the facility. It is said there was only a simple food stand in that location. Due to increasing popularity, the management decided to provide more facilities to this site. For example, tourists can find a beautiful boat miniature built in the sky. They can use such spot to take unique pictures, for sure. Another unique feature is the love bridge (Jembatan Cinta), which also becomes a good spot for photography.

Photography is one thing. It is because tourists can do other fun activities at Eurad Pingping Peak. What are they? Hiking is also popular here. Thanks to challenging landscape and an available route for trekking. As an alternative, they can use a bike and explore the site thoroughly. The route for mountain biking is not quite accommodating, though. For those who do not like tiring activities, a simple activity is available which is sightseeing. That means visitors can simply relax and sit at an available eatery and drink warm “bandrek”. This can be done while watching beautiful scenery ahead.

For first-timers, there are several important tips to consider before heading to Eurad Pingping Peak. Here is an example. They must choose the right times to visit the site. Two best times are either in the morning or afternoon (when visitors can witness a beautiful sunrise and sunset). Another example is that everyone should wear warm clothes when exploring the site, as the temperature is quite cold.

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How to Get There
From Bandung City, a trip to Eurad Pingping Peak would take around 1 hour as the distance is 19.1 km. However, travelers need to head to Lembang Sub-District and reach Wangunharja Village beforehand. This can be done through Dago Giri Street, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Venetys Villa
  • Jayagiri Resort

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