Situ Lembang in Lembang Sub-District, West Bandung Regency - Indonesia

Being the part of West Bandung Regency, Lembang gets better recognition from travelers over time. Thanks to the numerous options of vacation spots. Visitors can choose one, based on their preferences, like in Situ Lembang! This is a lake located in Kertawangi Village and has become a unique place for sightseeing and photography. Aside from that, this place is suitable to enjoy the fresh air of the mountain. Not to mention this artificial lake owns interesting history, as it has been built since 1914s (during the colonialism era of the Dutch).

The Nuance
Situ Lembang Lake resides on the highland, which is about 1567 meters above the sea level. In terms of size, it is about 68 hectares and the atmosphere is quite cold here (around 15 Celsius degree). Despite the fact, the air is clean and fresh, which helps visitors to relieve their stresses. Both in the morning and afternoon, fog covers the lake and makes the site cooler! Have no worries. Some “warung” or small cafes reside near to the lake where tourists can enjoy warm beverage and snacks.

Exploring Situ Lembang Lake
Once arriving at Situ Lembang Lake, tourists can directly go to nearby stalls and order either a cup of tea or coffee. This beverage helps them to relieve the cold before exploring the lake, after all. The next activity is indeed to get around the site wholeheartedly. Thanks to the cool atmosphere. This adventure won’t be tiring at all! Not only common tourists, the lake is famous amongst armies and nature lovers who often conduct training there. The reason is none other than the strategic location and suitable landscape to perform various types of training.

The next recommended activity to do in Situ Lembang Lake is fishing. It is true that the lake becomes the home of many fishes including common carps. Knowing this fact, tourists should not forget to carry a fishing rod when coming to the lake! For more interesting activity, they should rent a small boat and get around the lake comfortably. Have no worries. The owner of the boat may come with them to ensure its safety. The rent fee varies, though, depending on the season.

What is next? Before going home, tourists must learn the history of Situ Lembang Lake. The site has been there for decades, so it is definitely popular among the locals. The water comes from Cimahi River and several water springs (coming from various sources) including the one located in Burangrang Mountain. In the past, the site was once a forest and the lake wasn’t formed back then.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those coming from Bandung City, the first destination is indeed Lembang Sub-District. Next, they can simply go to Kertawangi Village and reach Situ Lembang Lake afterward. As for the route, the best one is Sersan Bajuri Street and the distance is around 21.1 km. The whole trip takes about 60 minutes, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Cherish Hotel
  • Stevie G Hotel
  • Juvante Hotel
  • Gegerkalong Asri Hotel

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