Pasir Angling Village in Lembang, West Bandung Regency - Indonesia

It is likely Lembang Sub-District never loses its popularity. Thanks to various options of vacation destinations in Indonesia. Even many villages are worthy enough to visit, including Pasir Angling Village in Cibodas. The location is at the foot of Bukit Tunggul Mountain and it is famous for its outbound facility. Not to mention it resides near to D’Camp Cibodas Alam Madani Park, which also becomes a great vacation destination for tourists. With such types of attractions, lots of people keep coming to the location in order to enjoy its beauty and get close to nature.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Pasir Angling Village is indeed serene and beautiful. Many types of natural attractions reside on the location including various species of trees, bushes, birds, insects, rivers, waterfalls, etc. The locals even build simple bridges (made of wood) in order to cross the river easily. No to mention local farms surround the village and beautiful scenery can be seen from the highland. When it comes about the houses, these look unique due to mural paintings on the wall.  Do not forget the signature natural attraction of the village, which becomes the prime lure for tourists.

Exploring Pasir Angling Village
Most travelers recognize Pasir Angling Village as a beautiful natural site located in West Bandung Regency. No wonder, it is popular among people who live in a big city. They come to the village to relieve their stresses, after all. During the exploration, they may see lush local farms on both sides of the road! Aside from natural attractions, the village is famous for its mural houses. Here is the fact. The locals paint the wall of their house with unique mural painting. The thing is that they use wood paint to decorate the wall.

In terms of design, the mural represents locals’ routines like farming and livestock breeding. As for tourists, they can take advantage of such beautiful walls as the photography background. Once taking pictures in front of the walls, the next recommended thing to do in Pasir Angling Village is to learn local culture. It is true that the villagers retain their tradition for generations, so visitors can find numerous traditional musical ornaments like “Kecapi”. They can even learn how to play it from the locals!

What about the facilities? Pasir Angling Village provides several excellent facilities to tourists. For instance, there is campground located near to the settlement. It is not inferior to the famous Ranca Upas Campsite, in fact! Another good thing is that the village becomes the home of a renowned waterfall called Bellarosa. Thus, make sure to drop by at this stunning natural attraction, later.

Nearby Attractions

  • Moko Hill
  • Bellarosa Waterfall
  • Keraton Cliff
  • Maribaya Waterfall
  • Lalay Waterfall
  • Luhur Waterfall
  • Pasir Angling Village

How to Get There
From Bandung City, tourists’ first destination is Lembang Sub-District. Later, they only need to head to Suntenjaya and visit Pasir Angling Village right away. The whole trip takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes as the distance is 23 km. When it comes to the best route, make sure to take Dago Giri Street.

Where to Stay

  • Venetys Villa
  • Cikole Jayagiri Resort
  • Sandalwood Boutique Hotel
  • Maribaya Lodge

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