Salian Art Space in Parongpong Sub-District, Indonesia

It seems tourists need more than one day to enjoy a beautiful vacation in West Bandung Regency, Indonesia. Why is that? They need to visit some new places like Salian Art Space in Parongpong Sub-District! The location is in Cihideung Village and it becomes a nice place to eat delicious foods while witnessing interesting works of arts made by local artists. The unique thing is that the management may replace those arts regularly depending on the demand of the artists. The fact is that the gallery is rentable for those who want to promote their works to visitors.

The Nuance
Like regular cafes, visitors can find tables and chairs for eating. What makes it different is that the café features an open scenery and natural features. That means tourists can enjoy their foods while watching beautiful farms, trees, etc! Not to mention the site emits cool ambiance due to its strategic location. Another unique feature is none other than the art gallery. Do not forget the fact that the site features a coffee shop, as well. In terms of crowd, it is roomy regardless of the time (including holidays).

Exploring Salian Art Space
Once passing through the garden, tourists might see a several artistic ornaments and exhibition halls located in the back of the site. Inside, they can enjoy various unique paintings that come in different sizes as well. Some of them even come with the height of 2.5 meters, in fact. Most of the time, the paintings are about the nature including birds, scenery, etc. The best thing is that those paintings look so real (similar to photos). Even they give a soothing sensation to the audience!

For those who love photography, they can take advantage of Salian Art Space to satisfy the hobby. Even the architecture of the building is worth a photo shoot. It features ethnic decorations and artistic concept, which looks so unique and exclusive. Sometimes, in fact, people come here to conduct pre-wedding photo session. Moreover, the management offers it as the place for a wedding reception, applying a special concept of the garden party. The nuance is, somehow, similar to that of Ubud Bali with the soothing sound of the river flow!

Well, it would be a waste if the guests do not try the foods offered by Salian Art Space, Indonesia. The signature dish of this site is called apple crisp with its sour and sweet taste. It becomes a perfect dessert for everyone regardless of the age, for sure. What about the main course? The guests can enjoy both beef ribs and crab sticks. 
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How to Get There
For those coming from Bandung City of Indonesia, they can simply take Sersan Bajuri Street and head to Parongpong Sub-District. The distance is 15.2 km, so the trip would take around 50 minutes. Later, they only need to head to Cihideung Village and approach Salian Art Space right away.

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