Dago Dream Park in Lembang, West Bandung Regency - Indonesia

Lots of travelers have acknowledged the value of Lembang Sub-District, especially in terms of tourism. Why is that? The prime reason is that they are impressed with available natural attractions offered by such region. For instance, there is Dago Dream Park located in Mekarwangi Village. In a nutshell, this site offers interesting fun outdoor activities to visitors and the chance to see cute animals and feed them directly on the site. With these attractions, families with kids would be able to create unforgettable moments either during weekends or holidays in Lembang Indonesia!

The Nuance
Once arriving at the park, the guests can feel its natural nuance right away. The concept is indeed “go back to nature”, so it offers both cool and serene atmosphere to visitors. The most common features are pine trees and sound of gurgling water of the nearby river. A mini zoo also resides on this site, keeping some cute animals like rabbits, chicken, and horses. What is more? Other interesting features of Dago Dream Park are ATVs, outbound arena, mini trains, and a spot for photography. Here is the fact. At least, 20 fun rides are available in this park.

Exploring Dago Dream Park
The most common reason to visit Dago Dream Park is to try all fun rides provided by the management. No wonder, most of the visitors are families with kids! So, what are those rides? There is, for example, the Aladdin’s magic carpet. Despite the thrilling feeling, it is a fun and interesting activity. As an alternative, tourists should try Sky Bike. As the name suggests, they might ride a hanging bike up there! Have no worries. The management gives reassurance regarding the safety of this activity.

For those who love adventure in  Indonesia, they should try an activity called Lost and Paradise. It is, somehow, similar to a game called Snake and Ladders. However, this one is the real version of such game where tourists become the pawn of the game. What is more? Visitors can find Archery in Dago Dream Park! The good thing is both kids and adults can enjoy this game, as long as they follow the instructions diligently. The target is only 5 meters ahead, so it is easy to hit it, no?

Anti-Gravity is the next fun facility for tourists to try. As everyone may expect, this house has an upside-down design and layout (as if there is no gravity at all). Once enjoying such unique experience, make sure to ride the Choo Choo Train! It is suitable for kids and they can even ride ATV in this area! Later, before going home, the guests must visit Dayang Sumbi Village where they can find numerous traditional musical ornaments and arts. Interested?

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How to Get There
From Bandung City of Indonesia, the trip takes around 30 minutes to get to Dago Dream Park. It is because the distance is only 10.5 km. The first destination is definitely Lembang Sub-District and travelers should head to Mekarwangi Village afterward.

Where to Stay

  • Juvante Hotel
  • Grand Arjuna Hotel
  • Jayakarta Bandung Hotel
  • Ammeera Hotel

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