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Tourists always demand new experiences when spending holidays with their families. In this case, a unique vacation spot like Stone Garden Geopark should be their choice when coming to West Bandung Regency. The location is in Gunungmasigit Village and it belongs to Cipatat Sub-District. As the name suggests, visitors can see numerous formation of stones, formed randomly on the hill. No wonder, tourists can take unique pictures in front of this site (feeling like in Flintstones’ world). Another fact is that the site resides near to a famous cave called Pawon, where visitors can find fossils of primordial human.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, big rocks and stones become the main feature of Stone Garden Geopark. Despite the fact, several flowers and trees grow on this site as well. Therefore, visitors can also take pictures of those natural objects. The next noticeable feature of the garden is a group of huts built on the hill, where tourists can use for relaxing and sightseeing. Also, the sign of the name of the site was installed on the hill (helping tourists to find the location easily).

Exploring Stone Garden Geopark
One of the tourists’ reasons to visit Stone Garden Geopark is indeed to feel its unique nuance, which is similar to a cartoon called the Flintstones. These people would take memorable pictures in front of such majestic natural landmark. The shapes of the stones vary and they look quite artistic. No wonder, most visitors won’t miss the chance to conduct photography during the visit. As an alternative, they are allowed to explore the site and climb the hill with the help of a local guide.

The next allure of Stone Garden Geopark is its history. According to experts, this place was once a seabed mountain! Not to mention it is said the age is more than 27 million years! There are significant proofs scattered on the site, including the fossils of coral animals and hollow rocks (representing the shape of coral). Through the years, these corals harden and turn into limestone rocks that tourists can see on the site now. For further history regarding the site, make sure to ask either the locals or tour guide.

Another fun thing to do on the site is to climb the hill and witness natural scenery from above. These include the views of local farms, manufacturers, and Masigit Mounting. Make sure to perform photography from above, too! The only consideration is that everyone should be careful when going up due to the challenging landscape. Later, before going home, make sure to visit nearby Pawon Cave for more adventure!

Nearby Attractions

  • Pawon Cave
  • Masigit Cliff

How to Get There
The distance between Bandung City and Stone Garden Geopark is 37.4 km. From Bandung, tourists can simply head to Cipatat Sub-District and visit Gunungmasigit Village afterward. This trip takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes or less depending on the traffic, actually. As for the best route, they can choose Padalarang – Cileunyi Highway.

Where to Stay

  • Pop Hotel
  • Mason Pine Hotel
  • Di Via Rinata Hotel
  • Meridian Hotel

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