Sapu Lidi Resort in West Bandung Regency, Indonesia

Spending a vacation in West Bandung Regency and Lembang Sub-District indeed requires many considerations. One of them is related to the accommodation, for sure. In this case, tourists should not overlook a famous resort called Sapu Lidi. The location is in Graha Puspa Complex, Cihideung Village, and it belongs to Parongpong Sub-District. It has become a good alternative to any hotels in Lembang especially for those who are fond of more peaceful nuance and new experience. Sapu Lidi is the combination of a resort, gallery, and café, actually. Many types of rooms are available for the guests to choose from.

The Nuance
The concept is a comfy place to rest, featuring modest ornaments and great services. Each type of room offers different features, so the guests can choose one that suits their preferences the most. The best rooms feature a bathtub, while the others only provide a shower when it comes to bathing. The best thing is that all rooms offer splendid views of nature and comfy space. Not to mention the entertainment facility is quite satisfying. Overall, the resort can be a perfect place for resting before continuing to explore interesting tourist attractions in West Bandung Regency, no?

Exploring Sapu Lidi Resort
Even though Sapu Lidi Resort is far from being the number one place to stay when visiting West Bandung Regency, it can fulfill any needs of tourists regardless of the purposes in coming to such region. Once the guests arrive at the resort, they can feel its natural nuances. It is, without a doubt, plants and trees become common features on the site. Visitors can also see a serene lake with numerous fishes in it. Their size varies and they look healthy (due to clean and neat environment).

The next charm of Sapu Lidi Resort is its chilly atmosphere. Thanks to the pristine environment. Visitors can relax while getting around the resort, surrounded by trees and other natural attractions. If they are lucky, a canoe may pass the lake, so that they can ride it to get around lake wholeheartedly. It is a rare occasion, though. Moreover, the nuance feels so quiet and empty, so it might be boring for some people.

At the resort, when relaxing, the guests are allowed to order foods, snacks, and drinks. Have no worries. The management would deliver the foods to guests’ room directly. While eating, they can even watch international programs on available TV. In the next morning, they can walk around the resort take some beautiful pictures of nature while enjoying the warm sunray!

Nearby Attractions

  • Strawberry Farm
  • Bosscha Observatory
  • Begonia Park
  • The Nature Window
  • Daun Village

How to Get There
From Bandung City, travelers can reach Sapu Lidi Resort through Sersan Bajuri Street. The distance between Bandung and Cihideung Village is 16.9 km, actually. That means it may take about 50 minutes to get there. As an alternative, tourists can take Raya Lembang Street and use any local transportation service to get to the resort.

Where to Stay

  • Grand Hani Hotel
  • Sapu Lidi Resort
  • Takashimaya Hotel
  • Klipsch Hotel

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