Rainbow Garden in Lembang, West Bandung Regency - Indonesia

Another reference to beautiful park resides in Lembang Sub-District called Rainbow Garden. It is the park of Floating Market and has become a great attraction for those who want to relax and watch beautiful flowers. No wonder, most visitors come to this garden to conduct several fun activities like photography, hanging out, jogging, etc. It is true tourists should pay the ticket in order to enter the site. Have no worries. The ticket is exchangeable with a welcome drink. Here is the next fact. The garden opens daily from 9 am to 7 pm (during regular days). On weekends, it opens earlier!

The Nuance
The best allure of Rainbow Garden is definitely the view. Colorful and beautiful flowers  (lavender) surround the site and combine well with the flawless blue sky. What an amazing nuance! Somehow, it feels like spending a vacation in Japan. Next, the garden features fresh and cool air, which is good for lessening. That means tourists can enjoy gathering with friends and families wholeheartedly. Even tables and chairs are available for them to use on the site. The next important fact regarding the garden is related to its landscape, which has the slope of 45 degrees! No wonder, most parts of the garden feature Green House Effe landscape (terasiring).

Exploring Rainbow Garden
One of the motivations to visit Rainbow Garden is to enjoy a family recreation. Visitors can provide their families with both good memories and education, as well. For instance, the parents can teach their kids regarding the types of flowers growing in this garden. This activity also helps the kids to appreciate nature better, somehow. Not to mention the kids are able to learn the aesthetic beauty of the garden and get inspiration from it.

The next fun thing to do in Rainbow Garden is shopping. It is true that some staff conduct business in this area, selling various types of plants and flowers. They also sell organic plants, vases, and numerous garden ornaments. Do not forget to browse other interesting items like clothes, pouches, and accessories sold at this location. The best thing is that the price is affordable and tourists can perform bargaining when buying those items!

What is next? Visitors should take advantage of the beauty of Rainbow Garden to conduct photography. Even selfies become a popular activity here. Thus, make sure to carry a camera and capture some exotic pictures of the garden (especially during summer). What is more? Later, before going back home, the guests can get good foods on nearby tenants, featuring comfy gazebos and good scenery. 

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How to Get There
From Bandung City of Indonesia, the trip takes about 50 minutes to get to Lembang Floating Market. The distance is 18 km, and the trip can be done through Setiabudhi Street. There is no need to hire a tour guide, as the direction to Floating Market is quite easy. Not to mention the locals are always ready to help tourists to get to the location efficiently.

Where to Stay

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