Tanah Lembah Dewata Tourist Site in Lembang, West Bandung – Indonesia

Not all travelers are aware of the presence of Tanah Lembah Dewata Lembang. Despite the fact, the site has become locals’ favorite place to spend serene holidays and conduct family recreation. This natural attraction is located in Cibogo Village and it belongs to Lembang Sub-District, Indonesia. Most visitors choose the site as a place for relieving stresses and enjoying numerous activities like photography, horse riding, sightseeing, and spending peaceful moments in a nearby lake. The site opens at 8 am and closes at 5 pm. There is a ticket fee to enter it, as well.

The Nuance
Tanah Lembah Dewata is located before Cikole Village, especially those who come from Lembang Sub-District. To be exact, it resides in Bougenville Valley (Maribaya Hill) so the nuance is quite soothing there. It even becomes one of the best natural attractions in West Bandung Regency of Indonesia. Not only the site features great mountain views and comfy atmosphere, but it also features a peaceful artificial lake with a wooden pier on it. Plus, visitors can rent a boat to get around the lake with a cheap price. What a great place to spend weekends!

Exploring Tanah Lembah Dewata Tourist Site
The first allure of Tanah Lembah Dewata is the bamboo pier located in the middle of the lake. It is, in fact, the best place to witness scenery of nature (mountain views). From this site, tourists can also witness unique landscape of green weeds. They look so bumpy, which is similar to a hill! Somehow, they become a good object for photography. What is next? The lake itself becomes a wonderful place for exploration. That means visitors may rent a boat and get around the lake in a peaceful manner.

The next recommended activity to do in Tanah Lembah Dewata is horse riding. Thanks to the presence of Ganesha H Equestion. This facility accommodates tourists with horses and ponies. Have no worries. They ensure the safety of the riders, so everyone can enjoy horse riding without worries. In terms of route, tourists can choose short, lake, or lake-hill route. The shortest route takes only 483 meters and the fee is definitely the cheapest as compared to others. However, tourists should choose a longer route for a better experience.

In Tanah Lembah Dewata, visitors can also explore the available garden. This spot is perfect for relaxation and gathering, actually. Some people also take advantage of the site to conduct family recreation and breaking bread (eating together). For those who want to spend more than one day at this tourist site, they can find a nearby villa, featuring good accommodations and services.

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How to Get There
The Distance between Bandung City and Cibogo Village is 22 km. But, first, tourists need to head to Lembang Sub-District and it takes about 50 minutes. As for the route, they must choose Setiabudi Street. Another thing is that the site resides in Bougenville Valley, so it takes more time to get to the location later.

Where to Stay

  • Putri Gunung Hotel
  • Grand Paradise Hotel
  • La Oma Hotel
  • Sandalwood Boutique Hotel

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