Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort in Lembang Sub-District, Indonesia

People have different plans when it comes to holidays. Well, what about visiting Maribaya Natural Hot Spring in Lembang Sub-District? The location is in Langensari Village and it offers an easy access to everyone. Unlike the past, this site has undergone several improvements and enlargement. A private management takes care of the site and provides interesting facilities and natural attractions to tourists, after all. No wonder, visitors should pay the ticket before entering the park. Have no worries. No one would get disappointed after spending some time at the location.

The Nuance
At the entrance, visitors may find the ticket booth and friendly staff. Make sure to gather much information regarding the site first from the staff! Here is the thing. The ticket is only for the access to the site. That means they need to spend more money on foods, resort room, or other fun activities like taking a bath in the hot spring. As for the features, tourists may find interesting landmarks like Salapan Shower, food courts, cafes, wooden broad walk area, etc. Not to mention a mini zoo, children playground, waterfalls, and hobbit houses are seen on the site as well.

Exploring Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort
Like the name suggests, the most recommended activity to do in Maribaya Hot Spring is to take a bath in the natural fountain! The warm and Tosca water won’t disappoint visitors, for sure. Also, it is good for health and to help everyone to get rid of tiredness during the exploration. Once enjoying this activity, the next recommended thing to do is to visit the mini zoo to watch exotic animals like deer, rabbits, chicken, etc. Next, do not forget to take pictures in front of small houses of Hobbit and head to a nearby small river.

At the river, tourists can enjoy a fun activity called raft racing. Make sure to follow the instruction given by the staff, though. Also, it is better to come with friends or families to make such activity merrier. Another tip is that you must come at the right time. According to the locals, a special performance is done in the amphitheater area called Bale Pinton. However, it is not a daily performance so make sure to review the schedule beforehand.

The last recommended activity to do in Maribaya Hot Spring Resort is to relax at the available café called Twig. It is a two-story eating place, featuring beautiful natural views of rivers and waterfalls. Not only it offers stunning scenery, but it also offers mouthwatering local and western foods. Later, before going home, make sure to visit the Love Padlock area and take some pictures in front of it.

Nearby Attractions

  • Moko Hill
  • Keraton Cliff
  • Begonia Park

How to Get There
For those coming from Bandung City, they can take Juanda and Dago Giri Street to get to Lembang Sub-District of Indonesia. Later, they can head to Langensari Village right away. Here is the fact. The whole trip takes about 50 minutes as the distance is 15.6.

Where to Stay

  • Klipsch Hotel
  • Venetys Villa
  • Sandalwood Boutique Hotel
  • Jayakarta Bandung Hotel

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