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Almost all travelers have realized the fact that West Bandung Regency of Indonesia owns many options of natural attractions. One of them is located in Cimenyan Village called Tebing Keraton or Keraton Cliff. Actually, it belongs to Lembang Sub-District and has become quite popular among locals and foreigners these days. In a nutshell, this vacation spot resides in a hilly area so visitors can witness majestic views of nature comfortably there. Still, the best allure is the sunset, which appears clearly from above. Have no worries. The access is easy regardless of the type of vehicles that tourists might use.

The Nuance
Tebing Keraton or can be called Keraton Cliff, offers a perfect spot where tourists can use for sightseeing. Not only the location is famous for its sunset, visitors can witness a beautiful sunrise as well. On the peak, there is the best spot to watch surrounding scenery. Also, this place features fences so tourists won’t carelessly explore the verge of the cliff. Several trees and rocks are seen on the site, as well. Plus, the management has provided some trash cans to prevent littering among tourists. Ahead, the view of Tangkuban Mountain is quite jaw-dropping!

Exploring Tebing Keraton
Once arriving at Tebing Keraton, tourists should gather information regarding its history. After all, everyone should know why and when the site became popular among travelers. The person who found and promoted this site is Mr. Asep. It was in 2014 when he was curious about a cliff located near to the village. At the time, the locals called it “Tebing Jontor” or Protruded Canyon. Amazed by its unique landscape and beautiful views, he shared it on social media sites back then. Later, lots of people got interested and visited the site over time.

Now, the question is what tourists can do in Tebing Keraton. Usually, visitors come with their families, friends, or lover to witness stunning views from above. They want to relax and feel the soothing nuance of the canyon. What is more? Tourists also come to the site to enjoy photography. In fact, some of them also take advantage of it to perform pre-wedding photo session. The landscape becomes a great background for such meaningful photos, after all.

Aside from that, people come to Tebing Keraton for witnessing either sunrise or sunset. That means the cliff offers more than hills and forest views. Even the sun looks great either at dawn or dusk. Have no worries. Several benches are available for tourists to use during sightseeing. As for the tip, make sure to carry a camera and some snacks when visiting the canyon.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those coming from Bandung City, they can ride any type of local transportation service and head to Lembang Sub-District. Next, the trip goes to Cimenyan Village and it takes some time to get to the top of Tebing Keraton. In terms of distance (from Bandung), it is 13.6 km. That means the whole trip may take around 50 minutes! Make sure to take Ahmad Yani Street for a faster trip, though.

Where to Stay

  • Lotus Art Garden Hotel
  • Bakti Asih Hotel
  • Clove Garden Hotel
  • Venetys Villa

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