Jaya Giri Forest Adventure in Lembang, West Bandung Regency - Indonesia

The best way to get close to nature is to visit a forest. That doesn’t mean travelers can carelessly go to any forest, though. For a safe and fun exploration, here is the recommendation. The name is Jaya Giri Forest Adventure and it is located in Cikole Village, Lembang. In a nutshell, this vacation spot applies a natural theme and offers interesting experience to visitors. It is suitable for both nature lovers and those who are fond of adventure. Somehow, the forest becomes a good place to get rid of boredom and stresses caused by daily routines.

The Nuance
Jaya Giri Forest features mostly pine trees. In terms of size, it is around 7 hectares and the site resides on 1450 meters above the sea level. It gets the cool ambiance of the mountain, including thick fog in the morning as well. The trekking route is available for tourists to use, but the size is not quite wide. Thus, trekkers should be careful when exploring the site and they must wear proper footwear during hiking. In some parts of the forest, there is a campground! That means camping becomes a popular activity on the site, too.

Exploring Jaya Giri Forest
One of the reasons to come to Jaya Giri Forest is trekking. After all, the site provides several options for routes for hiking. Even beginners can enjoy trekking well, due to the presence of signboards installed in several spots of the forest. These definitely help trekkers to explore the route without hassles. Not to mention other useful facilities reside within the forest, including toilets, guard posts, and trash cans. With a small fee, everyone can explore the site comfortably (even for those who have no trekking experience).

Near to the gate, there is a small food stand where trekkers can use for resting and eating. This place also often becomes a checkpoint before trekking. Not to mention they have the opportunity to make some friends and gather information or tips regarding such activity. Later, during trekking, they may see numerous natural attractions including locals’ coffee plantations and tall pine trees. Here is the thing. The trekking route becomes steeper over time, so it takes more stamina to explore the forest thoroughly.

When reaching the plumbing post, trekkers are close to the campground. They have an option either to build a tent or not later. Make sure to decide it beforehand, so you can prepare everything for camping later. Another route is available, actually. It heads to Jaya Giri Spring instead of the plumbing post. Choose the route wisely, depending on what type of activity you want to do there. 

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How to Get There
Jaya Giri Forest is located in Cikole Village. For those coming from Bandung, the trip may take around 1 hour and 15 minutes. The distance is 21.7 km, after all. It can be faster if they take Dago Giri Street and come during working days (when the traffic is low).

Where to Stay

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