Grafika Cikole Site in Lembang Sub-District, West Bandung Regency - Indonesia

People have an ultimate solution in order to get rid of their stresses, which is a vacation. However, it is important to find a good site to do so. For those coming to Lembang Sub-District, they need to consider visiting Grafika Cikole Site. As the name implies, this natural attraction is located in Cikole Village and belongs to Lembang Sub-District. Why is the place? It is a nice spot to enjoy family recreation and get closer to nature. Not to mention it helps visitors to get rid of stresses by enjoying pine forest nuance and cool mountain air.

The Nuance
The fact is that Grafika Cikole is surrounded by pine trees. This explains why the atmosphere feels so soothing there. To be exact, this place combines a restaurant, inn, and vacation spot into one. What is more? The next interesting feature is definitely the outbound facility where the guests can enjoy both paintball game and flying fox. Well, knowing this fact, visitors should spend more than one day to explore this place. Even though they need to pay some fee to use the outbound facility, there is no fee to enter the site at all.

Exploring Grafika Cikole Site
The question is what tourists can do in Grafika Cikole. For first-timers, they must not miss the chance to try a fun group activity called paintball. Make sure to come with friends or families, though. Next, they must try a more challenging outdoor activity called flying fox. Despite requiring both guts and skills, the management reassures the safety of the guests. Another good thing is that the staff would guide everyone professionally. Thus, no one should worry about it even the kids.

The next fun activity to do in Grafika Cikole Site is strawberry picking. Thanks to nearby strawberry farms. The guests are allowed to explore the farms and pick and eat those sweet fruits directly on the site. Still, there is some fee for tourists to pay beforehand. Once enjoying such activity, visitors should take the chance to meet local animals, especially deer. They can even feed these cute animals and take pictures with them. Make sure to get the permission from the keepers first, though.

Another interesting feature that tourists can find in Grafika Cikole is the Hobbit Inn. As you may expect, it features several lodges, having a similar shape to Hobbit’s house. Both the exterior and interior are amusing and it doesn’t cost much money as well. However, for those who are fond of nature, camping becomes a great alternative to staying at the resorts or hotels.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Bandung City in Indonesia, the first destination is Lembang Sub-District. The distance is 19.8 km, so the trip may take around 60 minutes. It can be faster if tourists take Dago Giri Street and come by better transportation service like a taxi or rented car. There is no need to hire a tour guide, though.

Where to Stay

  • Sindang Reret Hotel
  • Narima Hotel
  • Puteri Gunung Hotel
  • Sapu Lidi Resort

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